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O, FOR HISTORY: Teddy Roosevelt visits Indiana in 1902

While doing some research for one of my writing projects I discovered President Theodore Roosevelt visited Indiana in 1902. While passing through a Massachusett’s city, a trolly car ran into the president’s horse-drawn carriage.  The president was propelled from the … Continue reading

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O, FOR HISTORY: Abraham “Jack” Lincoln II

Abraham and Mary Lincoln only had one of their four sons to live into maturity. Their eldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln (August 1, 1843 – July 26, 1926), would marry, celebrate the birth of three children, and prosper as an attorney, US … Continue reading

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O, FOR HISTORY: Andrews Air Force Base… reminders

A short while ago I watched the ceremonial arrival of Sen. John McCain’s remains at Joint Base Andrews, formerly known as Andrews Air Force Base just outside Washington, DC.. The senator’s remains were transported on a plane from the presidential … Continue reading

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O, FOR HISTORY: Nixon resigns

August 8, 1974, my family was vacationing in Myrtle Beach. I was in the pool that evening when Mother came to the rail of our second-floor motel room, “Darin!  Hurry!”  I am certain I asked the reason and an exchange of … Continue reading

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O, FOR HISTORY: Senate hearings

Forty-four years ago, yesterday, 27 June 1974, the Watergate Hearings concluded upon the publishing of the committee’s final report. I came home from second-grade one afternoon in May 1973, and a favorite television program was not being aired due to … Continue reading

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O, FOR HISTORY: George Washington’s mother

From all I’ve read, Mary Ball Washington, the mother of our first commander in chief, George Washington, was quite a pill. This Washington Post article seems to reconfirm all I’ve read.  

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O, FOR HISTORY: A few interesting tidbits on the actual burning of The White House

I’ve known for many years that First Lady Dolley Madison did not personally save the large portrait of George Washington. This Washington Post article is a nice account of events. Canada didn’t burn the White House. And Dolley Madison needs … Continue reading

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