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All in a day…

The day was productive. Not as productive as I had originally hoped, but things were accomplished. I managed to complete: grocery shopping miscellaneous shopping scattered grass seed watered seeded areas and flowers was surprised by a thoughtful gift and card … Continue reading

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A Final Salute to a Lovely Lady…

“You know he always salutes just to me.” That was Mrs. Shirley’s story, and she was sticking to it. It was a regular Friday scene at Panther Stadium during four years of football.  The band would finish half-time, pass before … Continue reading

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Elwood, Indiana ~ The Heart of Hoosierland

I grew up in a wonderful town right smack-dab in the middle of Indiana.  In fact, Elwood, Indiana is called, “The Heart of Hoosierland,” due to the intersection of two major highways, State Routes 37 and 28.  As a kid, I … Continue reading

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Pokey… a fine dog!

“If no one responds to the ad in the paper, you can keep him.” I am sure I was not the only boy in the country to hear those words from his mother.  I heard those words in September 1970. … Continue reading

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The Power of The Hoodie

One month ago, on February 26th, a seventeen year old boy was gunned down in Sanford, Florida.  Why? The answer is not exactly clear, however, it appears that racial profiling may have been the root to this young man’s murder. … Continue reading

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Springing fast…

I am always amazed at how abruptly Spring can spring.  Overnight, there seem to be surprising changes, and the world suddenly has a little more color, and beauty. This morning, as the grey skies lightened a bit, I could see … Continue reading

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President Rutherford B. Hayes – The Visionary

I discovered this neat little tidbit on The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Even before he was president, Rutherford B. Hayes envisioned where technology would take the United States. In 1851 Hayes was a passenger on the first train to operate … Continue reading

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Diabetes + High Tech…

I currently have an electronic contraption that obtains data I input, as well as data from my new glucometer which contains a blue-tooth for transmittal.  It is pretty neat to draw the blood onto the glucometer’s test strip, push some … Continue reading

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Don't let go of your dreams…

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End of the week…

Last night, Quintin and I enjoyed a late dinner at The Noodle Company located in The Greene.  Afterwards, we grabbed some videos since he did not have to be at school Friday until 11:30am due to the on-going OGT (Ohio … Continue reading

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Charles E. Taylor: The Man Aviation History Almost Forgot

A friend, Debbie Allen, sent me this neat article on Charles “Charlie” Taylor, a mechanic for the Wright Brothers.  Charlie earns a good deal of the credit in the final phase of the brothers’ preparations for powered flight.  I knew … Continue reading

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Visiting Presidential Sites…

Since I was very young, I’ve immersed myself in presidential history, and have loved visiting historical sites associated with our nation’s leaders.  Today, my friend, Jeff Carter, and I were discussing our bucket lists of places to visit, and I … Continue reading

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The Hounds of Spring

[Hit the play button on HOUNDS OF SPRING; listen as you read, and then, sit back and enjoy this fantastic piece of band literature by Alfred Reed.] A beautiful day it is!  It is only 50-degrees this tenth day of … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum – Up to 53% Off Admission

A friend from high school, Elisa Abner-Taschwer, was so thoughtful to send me this info on the Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield! Take advantage of this great deal!

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