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Presidential Sites

I can never get enough of presidential or White House history.  97% of my Netflix rentals or instant watches are of documentaries – mostly having something to do with presidential or US History. This morning, I made a quick list … Continue reading

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'1776' at Wilmington

‘1776’ – John Adams: “One useless man is called a disgrace; two are called a law firm; and three or more become a Congress.” This afternoon, my 16 year old son, Quintin, and I drove 35 miles to Wilmington, Ohio … Continue reading

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Just a Thursday…

This morning had me hopping – doctor appointments, pick up prescriptions, and rush back home to teach a 10:30am lesson! Began the day with tons of energy, and by Noon, I was alternating between reading and napping. The heat, even … Continue reading

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A relaxing holiday…

It is Monday, 1:00pm. The end of the restful, and enjoyable holiday weekend is creeping upon us.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were the most perfect days we’ve had in weeks. Saturday was a bit steamy, but not too hateful. Sunday, … Continue reading

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WE THE PEOPLE – Vote for Ryan Vallo

I discovered this incredible video by one of Dayton’s own young celebrities – Ryan Vallo. I am adding Ryan’s text for those who may not have Facebook accounts. “It’s 2010 and change is EVERYWHERE: our government, our environment, our economy, … Continue reading

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Burns, Allen, Holmes, DeMille, Kellogg, Hilton & O'Neill @ The Haasienda

There is some tennis event on NBC. The skies above the Miami Valley have resembled a tennis match all morning… for a few minutes the sun shines, and shortly, the dark clouds hover… back and forth. The storms for the … Continue reading

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The Golden Gate Bridge

Upon returning from Fairmont’s graduation exercises, and running a few errands with Jose, I curled up in bed with my laptop playing a Netflix instant video on The History Channel’s Modern Marvels – Golden Gate Bridge. Fascinating! If you can … Continue reading

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