Presidential Sites

1-1253801715-abraham-lincoln-s-home-in-springfieldI can never get enough of presidential or White House history.  97% of my Netflix rentals or instant watches are of documentaries – mostly having something to do with presidential or US History.

This morning, I made a quick list of presidential sites I’ve visited since my youth.  My bucket list includes the Harry Truman sites in Independence, MO, the Adams’ sites in Boston, MA, as well as several presidential sites here in Ohio.

  1. Washington’s Birthplace
    1. Parents’ graves
  2. Washington’s Mount Vernon
  3. Jefferson’s Monticello
  4. Monroe’s Ash Lawn
  5. Jackson’s The Hermitage
  6. WHHarrison’s Berkley Plantation
  7. Polk’s home
  8. Lincoln’s Birthplace
  9. Lincoln’s Knob Creek Farm
  10. Lincoln’s Indiana Home
    1. Mother’s grave – Nancy Hanks
    2. Sister’s grave – Sarah Lincoln
  11. Lincoln’s Charleston, IL home
    1. Parents’ graves
  12. Lincoln’s Springfield home
  13. Lincoln Presidential Museum & Library
  14. Lincoln’s Mother’s home in Kentucky (Nancy Hanks)
  15. Lincoln’s Step-mother’s home in Kentucky (Sarah Bush Johnston)
  16. Lincoln’s Step-mother’s home in Illinois
  17. Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington, KY
    1. Parents’ graves
    2. Sites dealing with Mrs. Lincoln’s youth
  18. Grant’s birthplace
  19. Grant’s boyhood home
  20. Haye’s Spiegel Grove
  21. Benjamin Harrison’s home
  22. Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill
  23. Taft’s Birthplace
  24. Harding’s Home
  25. Franklin Roosevelt’s Springwood (Hyde Park)
  26. Carter’s Sites in Plains, GA

Presidential Graves…

  1. Washington
  2. Jefferson
  3. Monroe
  4. Jackson
  5. WHHarrison
  6. Tyler
  7. Taylor
  8. Polk
  9. Lincoln
  10. Grant
  11. Hayes
  12. B Harrison
  13. T Roosevelt
  14. Taft
  15. Wilson
  16. Harding
  17. F Roosevelt
  18. Kennedy

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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