About Darin…

254563_10152173871595074_843630102_nDarin L. Jolliffe-Haas, a Hoosier transplant in the Buckeye state, is a music educator, playwright-composer, music arranger, novelist, and musical theatre director. This adoptive father of five sons lives in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton.  The five sons, most adopted when they were 12, now in their twenties and thirties, are on their own in careers and/or college. Darin lives in the Cape Cod house on Shroyer Road with his his four pooches Chief, Erma, Bailey, and Harrigan.

Darin is currently juggling several projects: a historical novel, plus finishing work on a musical project about Wilbur, Orville and Katharine Wright. He has also written Love Is Eternal: Mary Todd & Abraham Lincoln and is beginning research on his next project, Willkie Day, a musical about Wendell Willkie’s triumphant return to his hometown to accept the 1940 Republican nomination for president.

247360_10152176536810074_1984179655_nWhen not teaching or writing, Darin keeps busy attending his students’ productions and concerts, visiting various historical sites (his one son had a bumper sticker made: “Caution. I brake for historical markers!”), reading historical novels, hiking with his sons and dogs, swimming, visiting his family in Indiana, and spending several days in The Outer Banks.

Thanks for visiting Darin’s world and learning about his life in The Miami Valley.

2 Responses to About Darin…

  1. Todd Burleson says:

    Just wanted to touch base with you. Found your blog by happenstance. I was researching the Wright Brother’s dog Flyer and found your post. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow flight fan. I’ve been lucky enough to fly on the 1911 Wright B Flyer, hang glide at Kitty Hawk and have been a flight buff since my little sister was born on Wright Patterson AFB. I would really like to hear about your musical of the brother’s and their amazing sister.

    I’m a teacher/author and am trying to find a new ‘twist’ to the Wright Brother’s story to craft a children’s book. So far, all my ideas have been ‘done.’ Learning about Flyer I found that there is a children’s book already about him. However, there are many, many great stories yet to be told about these guys. I’m exploring the day that Orville met Amelia at the 25th anniversary of flight and a few others.

    As a fellow enthusiast, I wish you well!

    Todd Burleson

    • Wright Flyer Guy says:

      Hey Todd!
      Thank you, so much! Do you have a blog, or webpage? If you want, I am on Face Book: http://facebook.com/dljolliffehaas

      Hmmm… I know there are a number of children’s books on The Wrights, and I have the one on Flyer (I couldn’t resist). Have you been to the cemetery, or Hawthorn Hill or Carillon Park? I think there are probably some other angles for a children’s book. Is there a book on Orville’s dog, Scipio (huge Saint Bernard)? I am not as familiar with the children’s books, but do run across them, now and then.

      PLEASE stay in touch! I love connecting with others on The Wrights!

      All the best!

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