Bucket Lists…

When the movie, THE BUCKET LIST, came out in 2007, the title worked its way into our vernacular.  One friend, an art teacher nearing retirement, will comment on various photos I post on Facebook that she is adding another item to her bucket list.  This has now become something for me to quote.

I’ve been thinking about my bucket list – what should be included, and when I should begin it.  So many folks say, “When I retire, I want to begin my bucket list.”  I’ve decided that I want to begin my bucket list now.  Maybe if I begin it now, I will have so many more things to add to it when I am ready to retire.

Right now, my bucket list consists of:

Places to Visit:

  1. President John Adams’ homes and grave in Boston
  2. President Roosevelt’s Cottage on Campobello Island in Canada
  3. President Truman’s home and library in Independence, Missouri
  4. James Madison’s home in Virginia
  5. All the plantations along the James River
  6. Ford Mansion in New Jersey
  7. Boys & Girls Town, USA in Nebraska
  8. Father Flanagan’s tomb in Boys & Girls Town
  9. Several presidential libraries & museums:
    1. Eisenhower Library & sites in Kansas
    2. Kennedy Library in Boston (yes, I would combine it with the Adams’ sites)
    3. Johnson Library & Grave in Texas
    4. Nixon Library & Grave in California
    5. Ford Library & Grave in Michigan
    6. Carter Library in Georgia
    7. Reagan Library & Grave in California (probably combined with Nixon’s sites)
    8. Clinton Library in Arkansas
    9. Bush Libraries in Texas
  10. London, England and Surrounding area:
    1. Windsor Castle
    2. Frogmore Castle & Royal Gravesites
    3. Westminster Abbey
    4. Osborne House near Isle of Wight
  11. Bavaria, Germany
  12. Return to Salzburg, Austria

Things to Do:

  1. Be a National Parks Officer at a Presidential Site, or
  2. Work with The White House
  3. Learn a new instrument (I am currently learning to play the clarinet)

My THINGS TO DO list is quite small, but I am sure it will fill up as life plods along.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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