OH, FOR HISTORY: Scipio & Orville

orville-wright-and-scipio-1921-daniel-hagermanIn March 1917, Orville Wright purchased a Saint Bernard puppy from Nina Dodd’s White Star Kennels in Long Branch, New Jersey for $75.

Orville’s sister Katharine named him “Scipio” after the famous Roman general that had defeated Hannibal and thwarted an invasion of Rome. The dog was much loved.  Orville obviously adored his dog, Scipio, as there are a number of photographs of the beautiful pup on the grounds of Hawthorn Hill, with Orville’s sister Katharine, and with Orville in the canoe at Lambert Island in Georgian Bay off Lake Superior.

4139iW91LrLScipio died in 1924 and when Brady Kress, President/CEO of Carillon Park | Dayton History took me on a private “basement to the roof” tour of Hawthorn Hill for a birthday present, we discussed, “Where was Scipio buried?”

A mystery we will probably never know.

However, we both speculated that it would not surprise us if Orville had Scipio buried in his plot at Woodland Cemetery.

When Orville Wright died in January 1948, photos of Scipio were found tucked inside his wallet.


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2 Responses to OH, FOR HISTORY: Scipio & Orville

  1. Mike Wager says:

    Always amazes me when I read about where they traveled. Now add Lake Superior. Just visited Munising, MI, my first visit to that Great Lake. Now I have seen and touched all 5.

    • Orville bought Lambert Island up in Georgian Bay. Apparently, he incorporated his ingenuity in designing a special train-like lift to bring luggage and supplies up the rugged hill from the boat dock to the house. There were several buildings and I believe he actually moved them around to suit his needs. His boat was up for sale not too long ago, and I know the owner was trying to interest Carillon Park in purchasing it.

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