THE FAMILY ALBUM: Death Certificate

CLARY - Ronald Monroe ClaryThis afternoon, my friend Nancy Sumner, located and sent my the death certificate of my great-uncle Ronald Monroe Clary who died from a brain injury after being thrown from a horse on the family farm in Boone Township, Madison County, Indiana.

The accident occurred Friday afternoon, 18 Jun 1937; Ronald died without having regained consciousness, Sunday evening, 20 Jun 1937 at 8:05 PM.  He was the only son and eldest child of John William Garrett Clary and Mary Belle Jones Clary.

Ronald was almost 16, a bright student, and exceedingly kind to all, always sharing his warm smile.

My mother’s brother, Ronald Dean Barmes, was named after his uncle.  Uncle Ron died nearly 50 years to the day of his uncle’s death, and my grandmother, Donna Clary Barmes, died exactly 55 years and one week after her brother.

Ronald Clary


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