THE FAMILY ALBUM: Logan’s sofa

The above photo struck a tender, familiar chord with me.

My wonderfully talented and personable cat, Logan, 1994-2011, was absolutely hilarious in all her antics that were all too often human-like.

In my townhouse I had two windows in my living room which evenly matched the length of my sofa with each wide arm directly in the center of each window. This was a most excellent perch for Logan I loved to watch all the comings and going’s of neighbors.

As it neared winter I decided to move the large sofa against a central role so guests would not feel the chill coming from the windows.

Later that evening, I returned to find Logan laying on one of the arms, staring directly into the wall.

I knew she was salty.

“Hey, Logan!”

There wasn’t even a twitch as she continued to cement her glare into the wall.

“How are you doing tonight, Logan?”

She gently thrust her nose into the air without looking at me.

“Did you have a good day?”

Very, very slowly, Logan turned her head in my direction with terribly hateful squinted eyes drilling holes through every inch of my body.

“Logan, do you like your new perch?”

With that, Logan squinted her eyes and opened her mouth for the most agitated response I’d ever heard her offer.

And then she returned to glaring at the wall.

Oh, I do miss my furry little friend of 17 years. She was a great companion who offered more amusement than any pet ever should.

If you think the sofa’s rearrangement pissed her off, this seasonal photo-op always agitated her usually sweet nature.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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