MY DAY: Speaking of bidets…

A friend’s birthday shout out led to the mention of a story from my freshman year of college.

May 1984, I traveled to Greece, Cypress, and Crete with the Ball State University Singers.  We were scheduled to perform, as well as tour many ancient ruins, and some of the most beautiful scenic locations in the world.

Our first dayg in Athens Greece, we arrived mid afternoon, and checked into an old hotel where you still had to pull the gate on the elevator.  My roommate, Greg, and I were getting settled into the room when we both noted this little sink nestled into the bathroom’s floor tiles.  

For only a moment, Greg and I pondered the uses of this sink.  Since we were in a part of the Mediterranean coast where sandals were often worn, I suggested it was a footbath.  Greg, perhaps being a little more resourceful, insisted it was an ice chest built into the floor: you placed your pop/soda bottles into the sink, and then filled it with ice.

Next door to us were married chaperones, Jan, and her husband Rod Richard.  Jan, a charter member of the show choir, and I met while seated on the plane.  I said something about my mother being 39 years old, and Jan shoved her face in between the seats in front of me and groaned, “I’m old enough to be your mother.”

For some reason, a few moments following Greg’s and my questioning of the floor sink, I meandered into Rod and Jan’s room. 

As Rod and I stood looking over their balcony railing, Jan joined us after leaving the bathroom, and said to her husband, “Oh, Rod, come see the bidet in the bathroom.”

I am mediately asked to what she was referring.  Ever the schoolteacher, Jan escorted me into their bathroom and gestured to the little sink in the floor.  I exclaimed Greg and I had been discussing the uses for the sink.  

Jan looked at me, and asked what we had considered. 

To my amusement, Jan aptly described the use of this Grecian floor sink.

To my horror….

I rushed from their room, back into ours to find Greg pouring ice over soda bottles placed in the floor sink.

Neither of us had the stomach to drink from these bottles, and place them in the trashcan.


Jan & Rod with another chaperone; Athens Greece, 1984


Rod & Jan with Theodore “Ted” Hughes; Greece, 1984


Here I am with Jan & Rod, 2008, and AJ Hunter


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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