MY DAY: My Weekend

I have some pretty amazing weekends, but this weekend which is nearly over, rocked in a number of ways.

FRIDAY was fairly normal:

  • Coffee on the deck with the trio
  • Ran some errands
  • Planted mums

And then the fun really got underway.  My friend, Suzanne, asked me to to go with her to Dayton’s Black Box Improv Theatre because they were going to improv a musical.

I was somewhat hesitant in agreeing to go.  The last time I saw improv was back in college, and I was terribly bored and unimpressed.  I knew Suzanne was wanting to go, and I was afraid she would stay home.  I agreed.

Then, we agreed to grab dinner before the 8 PM show.  After tossing around a few ideas, I remembered Tanks Bar & Grill.  For years, friends had recommended their food, But for some reason I had never made it.

So, it was kind of an evening of firsts.

Tanks has now joined the ranks of Bill’s Donuts and Awesome Yogurt!

A few minutes before 8 PM, Suzanne and I wedged our way to a table in the blackbox theater.  It was a different crowd than the ones I normally see at all the local theater productions.  Yet, the atmosphere was electrifying even before the event got underway.

And then it happened!

It was one of the most incredible times I’ve had in ages.  It was a personal competition of marveling at the tremendous talent assembled on stage for the improv, and laughing my ass off!  The director/writer side of me was absolutely dumbfounded.  The “I love to laugh” side of me was having the best damn time!

The improvised musical was one of the most outstanding theatrical events I’ve ever witnessed.  SHEER GENIUS!

It was almost inconceivable that I was sitting there laughing hysterically, while trying to grasp the fact these incredible actors were actually making up this musical second by second, on the fly!

One of my newest inspirations is Justin Howard, the founder and owner of Dayton’s Black Box Improv Theatre.  I felt, at times, I was watching the late great Robin Williams in action.   Justin is incredibly brilliant, and hysterically funny.

And this was just the first day!

SATURDAY dawned chilly, and damp from the lengthy soaking we received through most of Friday afternoon and evening.  Still, I could not abandon my precious quiet time on the deck.

I chatted with Mother for 45 minutes while driving to Troy Ohio to see the replica of the funeral train that carried the body of President Lincoln from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois, 150 years ago.

What a beautiful, moving experience.  My photos of the Lincoln Funeral Train.

I returned home by 1 PM, and had a few hours to accomplish a few items before I hopped back into the van to return to Troy, this time for the high schools’ annual marching band contest.  I decided to give myself some extra time so I could experience the funeral train, again.

I also spent a good deal of time taking photographs of downtown Troy Ohio, one of the most beautiful Midwestern communities I’ve ever seen.  My photographs of Troy Ohio

After another fantastic experience reliving an incredible moment in history, I crossed the river to the stadium where the marching band contest was already in progress.  It was a good contest, and the Beavercreek high school marching band pretty much cleaned up all the awards.

Video of the Beavercreek High School Marching Band, and their competition show, the music of The Who.

Wow!  This was actually my weekend!

Dayton Black Box Improv Theatre (photo courtesy of their website) featuring founder, and owner, Justin Howard, in white shirt.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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