DAILY DEEDS: One week in

I get a lot of questions regarding Deeds on social media and it is difficult to respond since the queries appear in different posts. I thought I would create another blog category, “Daily Deeds.”

Here we are, one week and one day into Deeds living with all of us in The Haasienda and I can honestly say it is going quite well. The Sisters, Bailey and Harrigan, though still territorial at times, have softened a great deal and now accept kisses from Deeds. Erma is loving and tolerant but appears a tad skittish at times, hesitant to come inside if Deeds is already at the threshold to greet her. Chief likes the attention and parades past the exuberant Deeds who jumps on him when he enters from outside. Deeds loves the older four and wants to be a part of their pack. It will happen when he becomes one of them.

Potty training is going well due to no small part of my former student and her husband, ReBecca and Shane, who rescued Deeds and his brother. Last night, Deeds woke me at 3 AM to go potty, and he went about his business quickly and was back in bed in record time. I, on the other hand, was wide awake until 5 AM. Today, with all three outdoor sessions, Deeds went right to action and was back at the deck’s door before the others.

My little shadow, usually accompanied by Erma, never allows me out of his sight. I am getting ready to head to supper with Mama Kay and Mary, and I know he will be fine. I have tried corralling him in the bathroom, but he manages to escape and seems perfectly content hanging with the others if, in fact, that’s what he does.

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