MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Puppy in the house

Yes. There is a puppy in the house!

Last night, Laura came over to meet Deeds and we spent several hours just watching the antics of The Quintet. She got to see, firsthand, the extreme neediness and jealous natures of Bailey and Harrigan. Bailey barely left Laura’s side and was obnoxiously demonstrative.

Later, we spent time in the study so I could attend to a few tasks. Deeds found his spot beneath my desk and napped for a bit. I turned down the thermostat but decided to decided to stretch out on the floor so all five dogs could have complete access to me rather than going immediately to bed. Deeds crawled onto my back and eventually found his way to the open area where I had one leg crossed over the other. Twenty minutes went by; it had cooled down in the study, my legs had fallen asleep, I had to pee, I was cold, and I was trapped beneath this ferociously adorable puppy.

In the bedroom, I decided to allow Deeds to find his place for sleep. After a few minutes of exploring, he wanted up on the bed with Bailey, Harrigan, and me. He immediately went to the side closest to the wall and snuggled up next to me beneath the covers. And that was where he remained all night – Deeds and Bailey on either side of me and Harrigan at my knees. I rose once for a bathroom break, and he was unphased by this disturbance.

At 7 AM, my daily weather notification sounded and rather than springing into action as they usually do, The Quartet simply slept. By 7:30 AM, I rose to prep their breakfast and saw five faces staring at me from behind the bedroom gate.

The morning routine was similar but altered as I prepared Deeds’ bowl for the hallway where I could monitor all activity and ward off any infringements from either camp. All went smoothly. I put him on his leash for the first visit to the backyard for potty time. He explored but did no business at that time. We will go out a little later once his digestive system kicks in.

Right now, I am at my main study desk with Chief and Deeds napping one foot apart. Erma is in the hallway, and The Sisters are on my bed. While there is all the newness of having a fifth member of our family, it’s turning out to be a very typical scene with me at my desk and dogs napping.

Make it a great day!

PHOTOS: my morning! Deeds loves being near Chief and Harrigan is as sour as ever.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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