MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: A wonderful Wednesday

I am fascinated by the proceedings of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and the expanse of King Charles’ duties during what must be a difficult time of balancing his grief alongside his new duties. I am sure he has been prepared for quite a while but I do feel for the gentleman. I do wish the media would leave Harry alone. Regardless thoughts of Prince Harry and his wife, I feel the press is just stirring the pot a good deal and I find it rather distasteful, even dispicable.

The morning is grey but no precipitation is expected. The temperature is 60 degrees and will barely top 79 later in the day. Tomorrow, we are promised temperatures in the 80s for the next several days.

There is a good deal happening at The Park, today, and I need to pack lunch since I am there the entire day. After leaving The Park, I will swing by home to feed the dogs and then head out to get my newest Covid booster and flu shot. I will be glad to have those behind me, especially the flu shot.

I taught until 11:15 PM, Tuesday evening, and I couldn’t be prouder of my students and what they built into their process of technique and study this week.

I will have the next three days free of teaching and parking, and hope to complete yard work, tend to things around the house, and writing. Of course, I’d love an excursion or two, as well.

It’s time to shower and dress, and then press my lunch.

Make it a great day!

PHOTOS: Chief, Erma, and Bailey. Harrigan was in a mood and didn’t want to be photographed.

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