MY DAY: Wednesday wrap-up

It’s moving in on 9:00 PM and I am tired.

After my late-morning MAKE IT A GREAT DAY post, I went to two different Krogers, CVS, Rite Aide, Walmart, and Meijer in search of magnesium citrate only to find shelves empty of the product and to discover there had been a recall. Ugh.

My studio manager sent me an email Monday stating the Chinese restaurant had double charged me for my order last Thursday. I had finished up the last of the hot and sour soup as a base for making my own concoctions and was needing more. Instead of either of us going through the process of contacting our banks, I asked if I might obtain an identical order and call it even. She was happy to comply.

Back at home by 2:00 PM, I returned to my sanctuary on the deck and worked until 4:00 PM when it was time to feed The Quartet. I napped from 4:30-5:30 PM and returned to the deck for the next three+ hours to work.

I put on the audiobook of David McCullough’s THE WRIGHT BROTHERS. Truth be known, I had never read my copy of the hardback. Two previous times I attempted the audiobook and stopped. I am two hours in and to be honest, I am finding it on the dull side. I am learning nothing new and there are a number of details to different stories that I wish were elaborated on. Now, don’t get me wrong, David McCullough is one of my heroes but this particular book is just not settling with me. I will hear it through to the conclusion but I am just not satisfied. Maybe, I am just too close to the subject matter.

The night is exceptionally beautiful and comfortable. The crickets or cicadas, whichever they are, create a lulling vibration that has me relaxed and ready for Part II of my evening which will be working from my bed before engaging in slumber with Bailey and Harrigan snuggled against me.

Tomorrow, August 18th is Erma’s GOTCHA DAY. I have only had her for four years but it seems as though she’s been with me much longer. Getting onto the wrong bus that afternoon was a disguised blessing and surprise. The photo below exemplifies that afternoon when I returned to The Haasienda to introduce Erma to The Trio, now known as The Quartet. Erma’s smile stands out among the seeming sour expressions exhibited by the other three.

And, with this, I am taking leave of the deck, walking about fifteen steps inside, and setting up camp at my hospital table, a most pleasing purchase from 1992 so I could work from bed. It has either been a workspace or a rectangular table on wheels stacked with tons of books.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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