MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: July 4th, 2022

One of my favorite holidays of the entire year. July 2nd, 1776, was the day it was agreed upon that our young, experimental country made the actual decision to adopt the declaration written by thirty-three-year-old, Thomas Jefferson. Still, this day has deep historical and political meaning to me.

I am passing the day on the homefront, tending to my gut, and continuing my research. Plus, the expected 91 degrees and the impending sounds of fireworks has me concerned for the dogs’ comfort and sanity.

At some point, I shall watch, or listen to the movie musical, 1776. The musical has been near and dear to my heart since I first saw the Broadway production with my parents in 1969. It was during the first few minutes of the show that my father told Mother he saw some similarities between John Adams and “our first born.”

The morning is muggy. The resident cardinal chants away and the typical weekday sound of Shroyer Road on the other side of the house is usually quiet. The Quartet does not seem as active today and I suspect they are anxiously fatigued from last evening’s annoying “Booms & Pops” concert that was still sounding off at 1:00 AM.

I am listening to my audiobook, TRUMAN, by David McCullough, and am finding it quite interesting. I finished McCullough’s, JOHN ADAMS, which was great writing, but dull narrating. I started the audiobook, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, immediately, but found myself tiring of hanging out in the same era. I needed a more modern read.

The Mary Lincoln daylilies are slowing down their morning production numbers and I shall miss them. I do see a few new blooms on the deck’s wisteria, and I suspect they will become more plentiful within the week.

The Quartet was not in a family photograph mood. Harrigan, especially, showed her displeasure, and Bailey’s head was cocked in disapproval. Chief and Erma simply looked away.

Enjoy this celebration of Independence Day and make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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