MY DAY: Saturday comes to a close

It’s been a long week due to gut discomfort and although it is hanging on, I am in the hope the start of the new week, tomorrow, will begin a new level of comfort.

Today was spent all day at the park and the Guests that spent time with us were incredibly delightful and very grateful. One Wisconsin couple spent four hours with us and were bummed they had not finished nearly half of their exploration. “It’s all so interesting! We decided that instead of heading north to find a hotel tonight, we’re coming back tomorrow and then head back toward home.” Ahhhh! I love them!

Mama Kay and Libby arrived at the park following the end of 4:30 PM Mass, and we drove down to Centerville to sup at La Pinata.

Since 7:45 PM, I’ve not moved from the deck, busying myself with research on Charles Kettering, Edward Deeds, and John Patterson, fascinating entrepreneurs, inventors, and businessmen, some of Dayton’s best!

I completed the David McCullough audiobook, JOHN ADAMS, and am now listening to James Taube’s JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. What a truly fascinating duo!

At 7:30 PM, as I was setting up my area on the deck table, the fireworks began. It’s 11:10 PM and they are still going off. Chief and Erma have not left my side and have panted without pause. The Sisters have buried themselves under my bed. The fireworks are being set off from all directions surrounding The Haasienda. I am certain there shall be more of the same, tomorrow, and of course, Monday. The days following the 4th will also be just as bad. The social media responses in favor of these expanded celebrations truly demonstrate selfishness and even greater stupidity.

Tomorrow is the return to two lengthy days (Sunday and Tuesday) of teaching, and Monday I shall remain at home to be a comforting presence for The Quartet. Even while nudged against my chair and my constant reassurance, they are still miserable.

It’s moving in on 11:30 PM and I am feeling the long day’s sluggishness settling in.

PHOTO: Chief and Erma at my side.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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