MY DAY: Monday melting begins

I spent the majority of the morning seated on the deck at the table and beneath the hunter-green umbrella, working on research for several projects. There was little discomfort from the soaring humidity.

At Noon, I decided to mow the backyard so I’d not have grass up to my lower calves by Thursday. It was comfortably completed within fifteen minutes and then I attacked some weed patches. The Quartet rested on the deck, watching me with little interest.

Teaching commenced at 3:00 PM with a mix of Zoomed lessons and a number of students on vacation or at camps. I had an hour’s break and went to eat supper on the deck as darkened skies moved quickly overhead. After two bites, I was returning to my study to avoid getting drenched.

Teaching resumed on Zoom with my students in Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada. I kept one eye on the weather reports after reading some comments on Facebook about the second wave of storms. So far, we’ve not been seized by any of the northwestern storms shelling out large hail.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, as well as Wednesday, are predicted to be in the mid to upper 90s, and Thursday is expected to hang in the lower to mid-90s. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday keep us in the 80s with a Monday return to the 90s.

As a kid, I remember summers with days in the 90s and lower 100s but we didn’t really mind or didn’t place that much emphasis on the higher numbers. It was pretty much, “well, it’s gonna be a scorcher, today,” and we went about life. I remember when my grandparents’ air conditioner went out during a heat wave. They put ice in bowls and sat with the ice bowls in front of fans. Our house did not have air conditioning and I believe we eventually had a window unit.

Wednesday morning will find me at the park for four hours and I may head downtown to watch a movie at The Neon later in the day.

Until then, it is sleep and hopefully without any stormy disturbances. Remember to be cool and keep cool.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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