MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Sunday morning recovery

Saturday was absolutely delightful at the park with so many interesting and kind Guests moving through. From 1:00 PM until about 4:45 PM, it was non-stop. At 5:20 PM, I caught the No. 11 bus that took me to Town & Country Shopping Center in Kettering where Mama Kay was waiting for me, having just gotten out of her 4:30 Mass down the road. We went to Geez restaurant in Centerville for supper with Libby and Mama Kay’s cousin, Sue.

Beginning Friday morning, I was noticing stiffness and achiness in my legs. I went to dinner with Laura Parker and when I mentioned it to her she wondered if the rapidly changing weather and impending rain could be playing a role. I had recalled reading other MS patients discussing how weather did affect their mobility and comfort. There were a few previous times I believed weather to have an impact on my own body, besides my aggravated sinuses before a weather system arrives.

During my shift in the park, I felt fine but once I sat down to dinner an overwhelming exhaustion set in and shrouded me in a physical fog. I am afraid my lack of energy placed a pall on those with whom I was dining. Once I returned home, I removed my blue park shirt, opened the door and secured it so the pooches could come and go, and fell into my bed at 7:15 PM. I first remember seeing the clock again at 4:35 AM this morning. At some point, I do recall hearing heavy rain at some point and apparently rose to shut the screened storm door. I rose for a bathroom break and returned to bed, sleeping until 7:45 AM, sadly missing a ZoomFest with Joshua and David in England, and Dave’s parents in Boston. However, I feel much rested and quite refreshed.

Today at 3:00 PM I begin teaching and go until 11:15 PM.

I plan to take it easy the next several hours, filling the time with reading and researching until it’s time to get ready and sweep the hall and study area.

While taking it easy, I do intend on making it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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