MY DAY: My Man Cave

It’s going on 9:00 PM and I have been secured inside my study, my version of a man cave, since 9:00 AM, researching and writing with only a few breaks, grabbing meals, retrieving the Rumpke Waste canisters, letting dogs out, and bringing in my Instacart order.

I love when other guys talk about their man caves. I’ve seen a couple and they seem more oriented around sports and watching movies or sports programs.

Mine is my study.

I am surrounded by one-quarter of the room that has my electric keyboard and all my music library that contains tons of music, music theory and teaching materials, and several oft used musical theatre scores.

On the south wall is a very large drop desk that once belonged to the Kress family. It’s huge and bulky but does it ever hold so many books on writing, all my necessary research books, and more.

Two bookcases catty-corner from the music wing are filled with theatre books on acting, directing, playwright, biographies, and again, more.

The northwest corner of my study, in the opposite corner of the music quarter, is my main hub for business and writing. A raised shelf contains three large monitors with each screen assigned to different needs.

I love my man cave study. It suits me and fits my needs. And, of course, the floor is most often an obstacle course of The Quartet. The Sisters, Bailey and Harrigan, spend much time in here with me, but they prefer my bed in the next room over. Chief and Erma are always nearby, sometimes directly behind me or beside me should I need to be reminded I am loved.

With twelve solid hours of time in this room, today, I am still feeling mentally energetic and will probably keep working until midnight, possibly later.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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