MY DAY: Tuesday after Labor Day

And here it is Monday… I mean, Tuesday morning. Tomorrow, my Wednesday shall probably be Tuesday in my mind.

Saturday through Monday was a mix of everything, socially and physically. Labor Day weekend has always been one of my favorite holidays. Living in the midst of Kettering’s Holiday at Home Festival has always been such a kick with the additional foot and street traffic. Shroyer Road, especially on my elongated block, has always been busy but there is a different busyness over the Labor Day weekend. It’s exciting.

Saturday morning at 9:30 AM, I prepared to battle the mowing and trimming, a job that requires not much more than 45 minutes to one hour. I’d put off mowing for several weeks due to the high temperatures followed by several days of much rain. At around Noon, I stiffly walked inside and collapsed on my bed, barely able to move a muscle. I had no strength to even reach for the bottle of Tylenol. The front easement and backyard required several re-mows, the first rounds being terribly strenuous. Everything I intended to do the remainder of the day was off the books. But, the yard was mowed and I did it my self. That’s very important to me during this chapter of life.

For many years, the Hoosier kinfolk would spend their time here from Friday through Monday, taking in a Fairmont game so we could see one of the boys in marching band, going to parks for picnics, spending time at Young’s Dairy, wandering through the Holiday at Home festival, and enjoying the parade. I actually did a majority of cooking for the meals which was either celebrated or tolerated. The only true fail that I can recall was my attempt at mint chocolate pancakes. In my brain, they were delicious. Well…

Sunday, I was hankering for a lemon shake-up. Laura agreed to go with me to the festival, one long block over, and we corralled Mama Kay into joining us instead of napping after Mass. Upon our return, Mama Kay invited us to lunch with chicken salad croissants, chips, my own contribution of macaroni salad, and delicious desserts. I returned home for a quick nap, and an afternoon and evening of teaching.

In 2008, the Bane family, whose children studied piano with me, and later saxophone, began using my driveway to park and we’d all head over to the parade on Far Hills. We’ve only interrupted this tradition in 2020 when the festival was cancelled. Yesterday, we returned to our regularly scheduled parade program.

By 2:00 PM, post-parade, I was returned to my Monday teaching schedule with everyone present on a Monday holiday.

This morning I decided to glide into my day since I have another 2:00 PM to 11:00. PM teaching schedule. I even laid down in the study to cuddle Chief before the three ladies figured out what was happening. Soon, The Quartet was snuggled around me for a good thirty minutes. It’s been relaxing morning watching the Medora (North Dakota) Musical that celebrates the Wild West and Teddy Roosevelt. My Colorado students saw and loved the musical this weekend, told me about it, and it was contagious. Such a fun watch!

Now, to sweep the study and bedroom, and to get some writing completed before it’s time to teach.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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