MY DAY: Thursday morning

To quote my son in England who commented on our heat wave here in the Midwest, “Those temperatures look ghastly!”

Ghastly? How very British of him to say so.

Yes, the conditions are ghastly. The deck is barely comfortable due to higher humidity but the rather cool temperature at the moment will climb to 90-degrees after the Noon hour.

There’s a German festival in Lincoln Park, tonight, but I don’t believe I will brave those temperatures. After the park’s festival, should I go, I have an 8:00 PM online event for a Mary Lincoln presentation. I cannot wait for that.

The teaching week is completed. On to writing and enjoying my documentaries.

Wednesday, I joined my last senior who was ready for take-off to Dennison University, northeast of Columbus. Katie Kress has been a student since she was in first grade and what an adventure she’s enjoyed. I am so excited to observe the new adventures.

Wednesday evening I joined Mama Kay, Laura, and Laura’s eldest daughter, Katrina, for dinner at The Pita Pit on Brown Street on the University of Dayton dining strip. Laura’s daughter, Jozi, was on closing, so it was the perfect time to gang up on her. The food is excellent!

My last great-great aunt/uncle has passed. Aunt Anita Gaither Daugherty married my great-grandmother’s youngest brother. I was so blessed at birth to have so many generations of my family present so that I might be educated in so many areas of our nation’s history and our family’s legacy starting with The Spanish-American War just before the start of The Twentieth Century. Thank you, Aunt Anita, for being a part of our family all these years.

It’s right at the 9:00 AM hour and I believe I am moving operations inside. Normally, I would brave it out but this is just too damned uncomfortable. However, my inconvenience on the deck is nothing compared to true misery experienced by those who must work outside in construction or utilities, or those without air conditioning.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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