THE FAMILY ALBUM: Pets of The Haasienda ~ Erma

My adult life has been enriched by the love of the pets who have lived with me.

Let me introduce my furry kiddos, past and present.


I have received several text messages and emails asking if I would still be writing up on Erma considering I’d written a lengthy account on her Gotcha Day.

Erma needs her own story, too.

I always find it difficult to remember Erma has only been with me for three years. It’s only by the fact there are no puppy photos of her that remind me. She has packed in much these past three years to make it seem like a lifetime of being with me.

I love all my dogs, but Erma seemed to glide right to the front as an exceptionally wonderful pooch. Whereas Harrigan is a bit demanding on needing attention, Erma simply looks at me. Unlike the others, she seems to wear a smile all the time and pays me special attention throughout the day. Erma’s look always seems to be one of gratitude.

Chief, Bailey, and Harrigan seem to have little need for dog toys. Treats, yes. Toys, not so much. Erma’s previous owner must have kept her toy box full as she loves having her stuffed toy babies and spoons. The others don’t seem to care.

I use to allow Erma and Chief to finish up the remainder of my cereal milk each morning. Before giving up the rest to Chief, Erma would grab the spoon, go lay down, hold the spoon upward between her paws, and lick it. I would find her playing with the spoon later on. I would even see her sneak onto my deck to retrieve an unused soup spoon. By week’s end, she had quite the collection.

The other three do “cute” things but Erma is cuteness, through and through. When she places herself in Sphinx position, her front paws are often crossed and she bears herself like a very classy lady.

Erma doesn’t sleep with me nor get on furniture; I am certain her previous owner was very strict about this. Therefore, I sometimes lay on the floor to spend some time with her so that she doesn’t feel left out.

One of the neatest relationships in The Haasienda is that of Erma and Chief. At first, Chief seemed to demonstrate the fact he was the leader of the pack. I am sure coming here was a shock after being the only dog and not understanding the pecking order. She quickly learned Chief was the lead dog and she semi-settled into First Lady. Still, she must always be at the front of the meal train and in most family group photos. Where ever Chief is, I can almost expect to find Erma near by.

I never dreamed an older dog would bring me so much joy. But Erma has surpassed every expectation in the meaning of a rescue dog adopted at an older age. She’s absolutely wonderful.

As the familiar quote goes, “Who actually did the rescuing and who was rescued?”

We both won, I believe.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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