MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Stop and smell the roses (get that Mac Davis ear worm going!)

When I was 9 years old, pop star Mac Davis introduced his hit song, “Stop And Smell The Roses” that had a delightful melody, two key changes, and even despite my young age, a great message.

Both Mother and my father, Danny, demonstrated the act of noticing the simple, ordinary things in life.

Mother always focused on the unnoticed or unfamiliar with, “did you ever notice…?” or “I don’t remember ever seeing that before.” I knew that was a cue for me to take notice, too. It wasn’t so much she wanted me to see what she was seeing but wanting me to see things on my own.

I still do my best to notice the “unseen” or the “unfamiliar” everyday.

My birth father, Danny, loved exploring historical sites. I was probably weened during a historical site’s tour. His take was always, “can you imagine how they did this way back than compared to how we do it, today?” He found tremendous joy investigating history and instilled that fascination and devotion in me, as well.

Once, while visiting Daniel Boone’s Missouri home, we were in the kitchen and there were a number of meat platters displayed on a shelf. One had a crack and I was obvious an older form of glue had been used to repair the item.

“What kind of glue did they use to repair the plate?” I asked.

My father’s hand patted my back. I looked up to receive “the wink” I knew would be forthcoming, his signature way of saying, “good job, Darin.”

My own sons learned how important my acknowledging wink meant.

As nearly everyone who knows me can attest, history is vital to my existence and visiting any historical site is one of the most fun, great adventures for me, even if the visit is a repeat. There’s always something new to learn or something I notice that I’d not observed from an initial visit.

It’s my version of three days at Disney World.

My parents gave me life but they also gave me the tools to investigate and appreciate so many aspects of life, especially the little things or things not as quickly discovered.

Mother was even more of a model when it came to noticing people, noting what she admired or appreciated. Whenever we ran into folks about Elwood and shared a chat, as we departed, Mother never failed to mention things she liked about that person. “She’s always been the sweetest thing,” etc.

“The sweetest things in life are free and right before your eyes.”

Yes, they are.

Go, Ye, therefore and make it a great day with the spirit of Mac Davis… sniff the hell out of those roses.

“Stop And Smell The Roses”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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