MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Sunday morning on the deck

Since 9:00 AM, I’ve been ensconced on the deck with my pen, paper, lap top, coffee, breakfast, water, four napping pooches (Erma rises, periodically to come lay her chin on my knee), a bellowing red breasted-robin, two fluttering golder finches, a mourning dove, a number of cardinals singing and closely passing by, a steady flow of Shroyer Road traffic, an audio book playing, and the most beautiful weather that just makes everything as perfect as can be.

Yesterday, I kept busy. It felt good and I do not feel worn, one bit.

The morning began mowing my lawn. Mama Kay, from next door, had me show her how to operate her own mower because her son had to work and might not get to her yard. At 79, she didn’t need to be mowing her own yard, but there was no stopping her. I suggested she do the back and I would grab the front. We tackled it and then I completed my front yard.

I had several visitors stop by and it was nice to see them.

One was Lea Loree who made sure I knew I was invited to her son, Alex’s college graduation party.

Lea’s eldest son, Michael, was a regular fixture at The Haasienda until he went off to college at Bowling Green State University. Michael and my third son were great friends, and Michael naturally became a bonus son. He moved to Oregon and Washington and is loving his West Coast life.

Alex, at that time, was in elementary school, and once in middle school, decided on saxophone as his band instrument. I loved having Alex as a saxophone student and watching him grow as a musician and young man. He became the red-headed son I never had. Before long, Alex was off to Bowling Green State University, too, and we’ve managed to connect with one another on his breaks, until Covid took over our lives.

Before surprising Alex, and the visiting Michael, I had supper at Marion’s Pizza with Mama Kay and three of her widowed church friends after 4:30 PM Mass. It was a fantastic time and a fine lead in to the graduation party.

My after-midnight return home was exclaimed with vocal cheering from The Quartet. Since early March 2020, this was the longest they’ve been left alone. Even when I take trash out to the dumpster, I still love being greeted as though I’ve been on a month-long European tour.

In two hours, I duck back inside the house to my study to teach private lessons. I shall be finished early due to a number of students attending call-back auditions for Epiphany Lutheran Church’s summer production, BRIGHT STAR. Break legs!

The symphony described in the first paragraph continues but now, the metallic tink-sound sound of a bat connecting with a ball from the high school’s back fields punctuates the blowing breeze.

It was quite easy to just let this day take off with little effort to make it a great day.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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