MY DAY: Teaching and remembering Mary Lincoln

Mary Lincoln

Every year in mid-July, a group of historians, researchers, authors/biographers, and Lincoln enthusiasts gather in Springfield, Illinois to celebrate the life of First Lady Mary (Todd) Lincoln.

Mary Lincoln as First Lady

This year, due to current circumstances preventing us from venturing to Springfield, one of the leaders set up a brilliant series of events via Zoom that have been so enjoyable.

On 15 July 1882, Mrs. Lincoln, residing with her eldest sister in Springfield, collapsed and later transitioned into a coma on the eleventh anniversary of her son Tad’s death at the age of 18.

Young Tad Lincoln

Tad Lincoln at 17 or 18

Tad was the third of her four sons she would bury.

Mrs. Lincoln never regained consciousness and expired the next evening, 16 July at 8:45.

Mrs. Lincoln after the death of her son, Willie, 1862

Ironically, Wednesday morning, my last Mary Lincoln day lily bloomed, closing out the deep yellow bed’s 2020 showing.

Today kept this week climbing the charts of some great lessons.

My summer’s three-day weekend has begun. I’ve several live-streamed shows of some Colorado students to “attend” and a final Lincoln event Thursday evening.

I don’t even dare list any “to do” list items as it’s become quite fruitless.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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