MY DAY: Wow! What a day! And, Chief…

Oh, my gosh!  I taught seventeen lessons, today, and it seemed like each student was competing with another – the students were on fire!

I am exhausted but exhilarated.

Before leaving the deck, this morning, for the comforts inside and away from the heat and humidity, I watched 9-year-old Erma set the pace for an hour’s long game of chase between she and The Sisters who will turn five years old in October. They raced the length of our large backyard, around the deck, on the deck, inside the house, over and over.  Finally, Bailey and Harrigan grabbed some water before collapsing on the deck where they napped for a good hour or so, often rising to get more water.

img_8092I looked at Chief… he is aging quickly.  He’s not ill but I can see the signs of slowing down begin to move in, more and more.  Arthritis is sometimes a battle but the supplements work wonders for him and he manages the stairs just fine, as well as hopping onto my bed and the bed in the guest bedroom which is, for all practical purposes, “The Canine Chamber.”

Since I am always with Chief I had not noticed how white his face has become.  Several months ago I posted a photo and Dee Friesenberg, a dear neighbor and friend, commented on Chief’s white furry face.  I looked at the photo and then, looked at Chief.  I still see those beautiful eyes and his puppy’s face is still right there in front of me, but he is, indeed, aging quickly.  He rests a lot more but is still an active ambassador with the students and their families.

As I finish up this passage, Chief, ever faithful, is napping directly behind my chair.  My faithful pal is always nearby, usually within petting distance.

Tomorrow, when the world returns to the start of another work-week, I will be starting my second day of the fun-week with tons of research and writing to be completed and forty lessons to teach through Wednesday evening.

What a fantastic start to this week!



About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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