MIAGD: Weekend is over

MIAGD: Make it a great day

Chief in a rare smiling moment

Erma is the most eager photo subject

And just like that, the fun, busy weekend is over and it’s back to my four day routine of teaching, researching, and writing while attempting to maintain the house which seems to always fall short.

A dramatic play, a musical, and a marching band contest were the capstones of my three day break, as well as a visit to my much beloved Carillon Park.

Bailey taking a break from The Erma Games.

Harrigan taking a break from The Erma Games

My writing schedule for Saturday was moved aside to assist a friend-colleague in rewriting an entire section of their marching band closer that was not working. By the time I left for the nearby marching band contest the band arrangement was 3/4 done and my vision was blurry.

This morning has greeted me with most comfortable conditions on the deck to continue some business items and research prior to digging back into the music arrangement.

Erma is my chew-dog. Occasionally, the original trio would pull an item out of the trash for some chewing time, but Erma has taken this to a whole new level. I now keep my study gated when I leave, and items in the kitchen needed new placements.

The other day I returned to find a large new box of Raisin Bran devours and the cardboard bits spread throughout the house. When I asked, “Who did this?” Erma ducks while the others take pleasure in knowing Dad is not upset with them.

So, this morning, my breakfast consisted of coffee and a slice of cake from a student’s mom.

Chief was a terribly ornery little fellow. I should have named him Houdini as there was precious little he could accomplish, even up to the overhead cabinets in the kitchen. He quickly became the lead dog and his behavior is exemplary: Chief is just the best dog.

This morning, the best dog decided he’d like to try some of the cake Margaret delivered. It was just too funny and my laughter and photo taking didn’t deter him.

Ahhh… the morning is moving too fast and I need to race it.

Make it a great day!

Erma keeping watch at the deck’s south entrance

The two elder dogs relaxing

Gathering of The Quartet

A smiling, content Chief

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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