MY DAY: Logan, the cat

Family PETS - Logan 2009 7

LOGAN  13 Apr 1994 – 13 Oct 2011

Family PETS - Logan 1994 1June 19th, 1994, I adopted my first pet, an eight-week-old kitten which I named, Mr. Logan, in honor of my directing mentor, the wonderful teacher, Joshua Logan.

Several weeks later I learned Logan was actually a girl. Friends and students insisted Logan was a girl, but the Centerville band mom from whom I acquired this pet, said my selected kitten was a boy.  For some reason, I kept telling everyone, “things just haven’t dropped, yet.”

Logan highlights for seventeen and one-half years…

  • It was the veterinarian who finally convinced me Logan was a girl
  • The first night I thought she had a respiratory infection and called my mother in Indiana who assured me Logan was actually purring
  • Logan was trained like a dog: walked on a leash, responded to commands, etc – I didn’t know you did not train cats
  • Logan went everywhere with me – outdoor concerts, car trips in the area, visits to Indiana (Logan loved my mother), rode on my shoulders when I rollerbladed
  • Logan answered my messaging system by pushing the button to re-hear the caller’s message – but she didn’t hit the SAVE button which resulted in messages being deleted
  • Logan knew how to hit the SPEAKER button on my phone and then hit one of the SPEED DIAL buttons; she frequently called McCutcheon Music and friends who were saved on speed dial
  • Logan had a featured role as Doc’s cat in WEST SIDE STORY
  • Logan was an indoor cat until we moved to Shroyer Road in 2003; after that, she was both an indoor and outdoor cat (90% indoor) and loved…
    • entering Fairmont High School, next door, seeking out my students and sitting on their desks during class
    • finding me in rehearsals in the high school’s choir room or auditorium
    • attending concerts at the Fraze Pavillion during the summers; she crossed Shroyer Road on her own and laid on the stage watching the performers, or even joining them on the piano bench like she did with me at home; she also loved sitting in the audience begging food from the audience, or sitting on their laps to enjoy the music
  • Logan was highly intelligent
  • Logan was comical
  • Logan was sometimes a bitch
  • Logan communicated “yes” with an open sound/meow, and “no” with a closed sound/meow

208253_10150544341150074_5508296_nI held Logan the morning she passed.  She stretched out her body, let out one last loud cry, and drifted to eternal sleep so she could enter the portals of The Rainbow Bridge.

All in all, Logan, was one of the finest cats, and best pets in the world.  We’ve had three more cats since Logan’s October 13, 2011, passing: Neko, Flanagan, and Clyde.  I’ve loved all three of these fellows, dearly and devotedly, but Logan will always have a special place in my heart.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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