MY DAY: T-Shirts

I typically do not wear T-shirts.

Once upon a time, I did but if I should perspire, I hate the way some collars begin to curl.  If I do wear a T-shirt it is under a casual dress shirt, for sleep, or for work around the yard.

Many of my T-shirts have a connection to someplace I’ve visited or some pretty funny stories.

download (1)I always told the boys that T-shirts with alcohol, tobacco, or inappropriateness was not allowed in the house.  They were pretty good sports and there was never a need to have any discussions on apparel.  One day, we were at the really nice Goodwill Store in Centerville near the Dayton Mall.  I found this very cool shirt with a Latin word, “corona” which means “crown.”  It even had a neat image of a crown.  Naturally, none of the sons had anything to say about this particular T-shirt.  Several years later we were eating out and the establishment had a bar.  As we dined I spied a wall hanging just like my T-shirt.  I asked the server if there was a way of purchasing one of the signs.  She said that the wall hangings might come with the cases of beer.

“With cases of….”

Three heads bobbed down into their plates attempting to stifle laughter.

“You knew all along?”

It wasn’t long after the corona slipped that we were traveling through Indiana and stopped at a truck stop where they sold everything an on-road warrior could need, including T-shirts.

The boys pooled some of their money and bought me a Tshirt:


Their reasoning? I was born in Indiana and I was a dad.

It sounded pretty funny, actually.  I accepted their gift and the boys seemed thrilled.

Long after #4 (one more was still to come) left home I was folding my laundry and discovered my Hoosier Daddy T-shirt had something on the back.  It was writing.  I looked closer.

Damn those boys!

“One of Indy’s finest gentleman lounges and strip clubs.”

Address / Phone / Website


Not only were my sons aware of what was on the back of the Hoosier Daddy reference of Who’s Your Daddy? they, and the rest of those in my world, also understood the connotation, and about the information on the reverse side.

With a casual dress shirt life is a bit easier knowing I am not a walking advertisement for alcohol and strip clubs.


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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