O, FOR HISTORY: Alexander A. Marone

Indianapolis News, Indianapolis, Indiana;  Saturday, 9 November 1918

IMG_6244Alexander A. Marone,  24 years old, died November 6, 1918. The son of Mr, & Mrs, Guiseppe Marone of 517 East Twelfth Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, died in Youngstown, Ohio where he had resided for six months.  Alexander is survived by his parents and three sisters, Mrs. R. A. Montani of Youngstown, Ohio; Mrs. R. W. Wilkerson of Youngstown, Ohio, and Miss Grace Marone of Indianapolis.

The funeral service was held at Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral at 1347 North Meridian Street in Indianapolis.  The Roman Catholic cathedral, located at Fourteenth and Meridian Streets, was built in 1907.

I tripped over this obituary while researching a project.  I don’t know why it grabbed my attention.

cathedral-largeIronically, the church where his services were held,  Saints Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church on Meridian Street is one of my favorite photography haunts.  I’ve always loved the facade and how the back part is so different.

This is what I love most about writing, researching, genealogy, and history. It’s nice to stumble across something that piques my interest about one of my favorite cities.


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3 Responses to O, FOR HISTORY: Alexander A. Marone

  1. Evan Finch says:

    I just purchased a postcard advertising the services of Alexander’s father, Guiseppe Marone. In the course of investigating his family, I ran across your page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/shushmuckle/45109121382/

    • How cool is that? I don’t know why Alexander’s death touched me, but it did, and still does. I love that we actually connected over something so obscure! Thanks for letting me know this!

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