O, FOR HISTORY: Boys Town is 100 years old

It all began with these five boys…


images (4)

The original “boys” of what was to become Boys Town.


100 years ago, today, Father Flanagan decided these boys needed a home, not jail or boys’ reform prison.  And he took them in and made them a home, and gave them a life.

The story is remarkable and inspiring.   Father Flanagan, from Ireland, conducted this project in Omaha, Nebraska before moving to a large farm just west of the city to build Boys Town which is still thriving today.

He did not need to take his folks to a foreign country.

He did not need to take his folks on a mission trip near sunny beaches.

Father Flanagan rolled up his sleeves and worked with those in need from his own country, his own state, his own city.  Before long, boys were coming from all over the country.  But he was still helping his own.

Father Flanagan’s work with his “own neighbors” is a shining example of what we should be doing: helping our own.

Happy 100th birthday, Boys & Girls Town, USA.

In the one photograph, right-center, Father Flanagan is seen playing a game with two actors (Mickey Rooney on the left) in the 1938 movie, BOYS TOWN; Father Flanagan was portrayed by another inspiring individual, actor Spencer Tracy.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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