MY DAY: Bomb threats & lockdowns

Three Dayton schools are on lockdown at the moment, and it is it is not even 9:30 AM on this Thursday morning.
The past three weeks, several schools in the area have had early dismissal’s due to bomb threats, or have been placed on lockdown for a variety of reasons.  
These dangerous disruptions don’t disturb just the students, faculty, and personnel in the schools, but have a wide reaching impact on: 
:: school transportation: drivers need to be called back in, or different drivers acquired for the routes; the entire bus end of the day schedule may need to be adjusted depending on the time of the disruption (I cannot even imagine this scheduling nightmare)
:: parents at work which could also impact the parents’ employers
:: families juggling children in other schools
:: while some students might take these threats/precautions lightly, hoping to get back home in front of the gaming system, there are those individuals who are deeply affected by such stress 
:: yes, teacher’s and schedules are disrupted, but imagine the fear/horror they must endure while protecting their students
:: some neighbors next to the school who bomb threats seriously and leave their homes until the area is deemed safe
:: most often, evening activities at the school are canceled
:: stress throughout the school district, and the entire community
:: police, fire fighters, paramedics are called into action, and whenever these items occur, it should never be far from one’s mind: who might truly be needing the services while this prank is being played out?
:: traffic patterns adjusted
I’m sure there are many more scenarios wedged into these critical moments. There is so much more damage than disrupting a school’s schedule.
 God bless the administrators, teachers, staff/personnel who immediately jumped into the circle of potential danger to protect our students.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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