MY DAY:  Buckeye Marching Band Invitational

What a fantastic day! 

with Duncan & Aaron


 I skipped going to the high school cross country meet since it was cold, windy, and wet. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to complete some items around the house.  

By 2 PM I was on the road heading east to Columbus, chatting with mother along the way.  
I arrived at the Ohio State University horse shoe/football stadium with 30 minutes to spare before seeing Avon high school marching band, directed by one of my all-time favorite people, Aaron Jacobs. At the ticket booth, I was told, “cash only.” By this time it was 3:40 PM. The gentleman told me there was an ATM several blocks away at the hotel.   I honestly do not know how I managed it, but through the rain I went to the hotel, and back to the stadium, actually making it to a seat on C deck as Aaron’s band was taking the field for warm-up.

Duncan Titus, a 2014 Beavercreek high school graduate, now a music education major at OSU, joined me to watch Aaron’s band as a steady rain fell.  The Avon high school band delivered a mighty fine performance.

Duncan and I moved beneath an overhang where it was much dryer. Although we watch the bands, we spent a great deal of time chatting about teaching, music, and life in general.

Another highlight was getting to see Aaron’s mom and dad, Linda and Mark. Since Aaron is no longer in Beavercreek or at Wright State, I really miss seeing the Jacobs family.

And of course, there was “the best damn band in the land,” the Ohio State University Marching Band. (By this time, Duncan and I had moved to a fantastic spot at the very top of the stadium right on the 50 yard line! Spectacular!) Somewhere on the field was Matthew Conrad, another Beavercreek high school graduate. As always, my favorite collegiate band did not disappoint.

Duncan and I went for a late night dinner in the Short North area on High Street. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was the same one where Jim Buxton and I ate last December. (if it helps at all, Jim, I got the Buddha bowl, again.)

After about two hours of enjoying a delightful chat with Duncan, I dropped him off at his residence hall on campus, and have now completed refueling.
A great day, spent either on the phone, or in the presence of some wonderful, wonderful folks.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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