MY DAY: Tuesday tornado

I’ve had some time off, and though I planned to relax, read, enjoy walks with the dogs, I’ve not gotten to do any of these items.

Friday: I taught several lessons (on my first day off), completed some housework, began rearranging pictures on walls, kept busy until well after midnight.

Saturday: I finally got around to mowing the front yard, met some new neighbors, attended a graduation party, celebrated my friend Suzanne’s birthday.

Sunday: finished the wall hangings, attended to some errands, finally got  nap in, went to The Heritage Festival at Carillon Park to watch students in the concert band and then The Dayton Philhaomic’s performance. 

Monday: laundry, more house items, lunch with Suzanne & Erin, four graduation parties, worked with saxophone students on their concert band auditon music, more errands and house items.

Tuesday: taught some saxophone lessons at the middle school, grabbed a few items from Lowe’s, chatted with Mother, grabbed a quick nap, went outside at 3:00 PM to pull out the three shrubs in front (to move to the backyard), my 89 year old neighbor, Kate, came over to chat, then the storm hit…. The wind was strong, and three miles away a tornado struck at The Greene, overturning 20+ automobiles.  Spent some time with friends for dinner.  When the rain clouds cleared I returned to work in the yard: I dug up 18 hostas in the backyard, dug up three shrubs in the front and took them to the back; planted all the hostas.

Last year I combined some of Flyer and Navi’s ashes and buried them on the inside of the corner fence.  The baggie had deteriorated and their ashes resurfaced…  It seemed fitting.

Due to the rain showers earlier the ground was quite wet, and I was drenched, covered in mud. 

After showering I worked around the house until 11:55 PM. 

It’s now 12:50 AM, and I am finally ready to turn in.  What a great five days!


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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