MY DAY: Nancy Winslow

I met Nancy Winslow at Normandy United Methodist Church in 1996 when I became the director of music. We became fast friends, and still remain so to this day.

Nancy and I discovered so many things we shared in common.  Nancy and her husband, Elvin, have two sons, Steve and Phil.  Steve was born in 1963, and Phil was born in 1965; I was born between the Winslow sons, and Nancy referred to me as her “Hoosier son.”

One of my favorite stories: before I adopted my sons, I spent many Friday nights at Borders Books & Music, drinking coffee and reading books.  I fell in love with this one particular book, The White House: The History of an American Idea by William Seale; however, it was quite an expensive book.  Every week, I would use my coffee receipt to mark my place in the book.   Thanksgiving, 1997, I went to the bookstore and discovered the book was no longer there.  I ordered the book, and then when I received a call that the book was in, I explained that I no longer needed the book.

The ritual continued.

To my great surprise, and amusement, Nancy had purchased the book for me as a Christmas gift.  Even more hilarious: my receipts for coffee were still in the book!

For nearly 20 years, this book has remained one of my favorites.

Seven years ago, I began teaching Nancy’s granddaughter, Samantha, a sixth grade student in Centerville.

Two years ago, Nancy and Elvin moved to Kansas.  I did not relish the thought of Nancy being so far away, but via Sam and the world of technology, we’ve remained close.

Saturday morning, Samantha will graduate from high school. Nancy and her husband returned from Kansas for this big event.  They brought Samantha to her lesson tonight, and Nancy presented me with this beautiful cross stitch of the White House.  I had considered asking Nancy if she would make me a small cross stitch of my initials so I could have one of her creations for myself.

This beautiful gift touched me greatly.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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