MY DAY: Dogs, 3… Dad, 0

Right in the middle of Lincoln Park Boulevard, I hit the pavement!

We crossed Shroyer Road at the Lincoln Park Boulevard (LPB) intersection just as Almira Gulch rode up on her bicycle with her little iconic version of THE WIZARD OF OZ’s Toto in the rear basket.  I was standing, holding three dogs, on the Southwest corner as Miss Gulch approached the Northwest corner of Shroyer/LPB.  Rather than cross Shroyer Road upon the light’s change, she crossed LPB.  I hurriedly pulled the dogs away from the intersection to avoid Barkfest 2014, but her yapping little terrier set my three off as she waited for the light.

Upon the light change, I proceeded to cross Lincoln Park Boulevard with three anxious dogs.

Then, just after we crossed Firebird Lane, one of the two entrances/exits for the high school’s campus that open on to LPB, I saw The Hound Lady coming half-way down the block.  I wanted to extend the walk since it was so nice, and decided to cross Lincoln Park Boulevard as she neared.

Now, The Hound Lady and I have gone around and around over etiquette.  I have requested, numerous times, that she not approach my dogs with her dog as it sets them off.  Due to my schedule, our two daily walks occur sporadically, yet, The Hound Lady always manages to know when we are walking.  Naturally, this evening was another meeting.

So, as I am crossing Lincoln Park Boulevard with the three dogs, The Hound Lady calls out, “Can my dog play with your dogs?”

Her voice always seems to agitate Chief more than Droopy (the nickname for her hound), and he began his worked-up dance which also triggered Bailey and Harrigan.

Before I knew it, I was spinning around, caught in the flurry of dogs and the leash.  All I remember is the pavement rushing toward me.  I caught myself, fortunately, on my knee that had not suffered the double-break in 1999, and with the heal of my left hand.  I eventually ended up on my rear-end.

The Hound Lady called out to see if I was hurt as I picked my self up from the pavement while trying desperately to calm the three dogs.

I made it to the sidewalk to examine injuries: bloody, scraped up knee; bruised, scraped left heel of my palm; twisted back.

The walk was thus shortened, and we returned home.

The dogs are fed.  My wounds have been washed.  My head is throbbing.  But, I managed to get a 2.4 mile walk into the records!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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1 Response to MY DAY: Dogs, 3… Dad, 0

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m a “shroyer” and while browsing found your story. My great-aunt could have been your “neighbor.” Did she have a mole bigger than a quarter on her cheek? I loved your descriptions. I’ll check back for some more.

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