MY DAY: Bed rest, documentaries, pooches

Bed rest is such a pain!

I’ve actually behaved my self, today, and kept to my bed for rest, documentaries, and tons of dog snuggling.  But, it has gotten old, FAST!

Via Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the public library, I’ve traveled through ancient times (Dead Sea Scrolls), foreign lands (Greece), American history (Arlington Cemetery), current news, the Lincoln marriage (“A House Divided”), the building of the Statue of Liberty, the history of the American flag, and an episode of Andy Griffith.

Smooth sailing through the documentaries until a major fact was wrecked in ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY.  They noted President William Howard Taft’s burial as taking place in 1909; President Taft assumed the office of president in 1909, went on to become the 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and died in 1930.  I am certain Alice Roosevelt Longworth, the feisty, fiery daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt would have agreed Taft died in 1909.  After all, Alice did place voodoo dolls of the Taft family around the White House grounds just before her family vacated the mansion.

I applied for three dog license/tags on January 25, 2014.  The payment cleared the bank on January 27th.  Since the end of February I’ve sent three emails inquiring about the tags which had not been received.  I received no responses.  An hour ago, I sent an email, prefacing I would next email Dayton’s mayor, the Montgomery County Commissioner, and WDTN’s “Turn To 2” investigations.

Within 30 minutes I received an email apologizing for the emails not forwarded to her office, and that the situation will be promptly rectified.


Each time I have issues with Waste Management not collecting from my home, and my emails receive no response, I am amazed how quickly a WM manager and a Kettering City Official will line up on my porch when I mention WDTN’s “Turn To 2.”

Thus goes my day…

The one true delight has been the snuggles from my three pooches.  They do not seem to mind Dad is not at his desk working, or teaching.  They seem to delight in not sharing me.

Due to all the liquids I’ve obediently consumed, I am definitely getting my exercise from my bedroom down to the first floor bathroom.

I may take the dogs for a walk so I can get some fresh air, and allow them some sniff time.

This boredom, too, shall pass…

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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