MY DAY: From the barre to the bar

I think the last time I was in front of something called “a bar” was my freshman year of college when I took a ballet class.  Then, I was at “the barre.”

Of course, one of my favorite areas in which to be seated at The Schuster Center is on the front row of the balcony behind the bar… a protective metal bar.

Each Thursday night, I am at another bar… the toppings bar at Awesome Yogurt.

Last night, my friend, Pati Rogers, and I went to Yellow Spring’s Peach’s Grill.  As Pati explained: I was not actually going to a real bar; this was a grill that served families, too, and just happened to have a bar in it.

Pati and I were seated at the corner of the bar, which was actually my first time to ever be seated on a bar stool at a bar.  We were about four steps from the edge of the stage.

The purpose of heading to Peach’s Grill was to hear my friend, Mike Bisig, a fantastic middle school band director, on saxophone with his band mates, GROVER.

A short while after the band got started, we saw this older gentleman (60+) stand right in front of us, wearing a long trench coat.  Pati and I joked he was probably a flasher.  Well, not too far off the mark!

Eventually, he approached Mike, the saxophonist, as they were playing a number.  My first impression was, “Hey, Dude! You NEVER bother musicians while they are playing!” (I’ve had this happen many times when I’ve played for weddings – not polite, Folks.)  

The gentleman stood there for a few minutes, watching the band.  Eventually, he moved around front of the stage.  I don’t remember if he directly said something to the guitarist/vocalist as the band was playing their next number, but Pati and I were chuckling how he was either saying something to himself, or attempting to sing along as he stood there periodically muttering something with intensity.

Finally, when the band finished their number, the gentleman began shouting things at the band, and several times, turned to present himself in a “kiss my a___” pose.  

The band was quite impressive with their approach to this harassment that would not cease.  The gentleman was becoming quite belligerent, and I did not know if he would go into fight mode.  He was becoming more, and more heated as the band members attempted to placate him.

I began assessing the situation:

  1. make sure Pati has my back if the guy, who was only about 5 yards from me, ended up over by us
  2. protect my camera
  3. make sure Pati is still behind me
  4. grab Mike’s saxophones should things start flying
  5. make sure Pati has both mine and Mike’s backs!

Eventually, the bouncer came over and removed the gentleman.  (Now, that does look like a fun job!  If I could take my friends, Debbie or Pati, with me, I think I could do that job!)

I was pretty excited that I was in new territory: actually in a bar (OK, a grill with a bar), seated AT the bar, and seeing my first potential bar fight.

The rest of the evening was great sans the floor show that was getting exciting. Of course, I loved the bar tender’s expression when I ordered a coke… seated at the bar!  I am sure he mistook me for a Heineken kind of guy (I only knew that name because it was in the cooler directly in front of me).

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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