MY DAY: Bisig is in the house!

I can count on one hand the times I’ve been out on a weekend night to listen to a band in a bar setting.  

Several choir members from Normandy Methodist Church went to see Bob & Sarah Koogler’s daughter, Hillary, play with a band at Trolley Stop in the Oregon District.  That was around 1996.

A few years back, my sons and I went to Fox & Hound to hear my friend, John Crouch’s band, play. 

I’ve had friends invite me to hear their bands, but I am not one to go anywhere by my self (alone), and I hate bothering friends on weekends because they have families.

DSC06505 (2)One of my favorite music educators, band director Mike Bisig, plays saxophone (several, actually) with the band, GROVER.  For several years, Mike has invited me, personally, or via social media, to come hear his groups.  I’ve always wanted to go, but with sons at home, I always wanted to do things with them on weekends.  Plus, most of the venues were not under-18/21 friendly.

Last night was my night!

GROVER is fantastic!

Four talented, and clearly dedicated musicians, merging this incredible talent and dedication into a nice, tight package for all ages.

Now, while all these gentlemen are exceptionally gifted musicians, Mike Bisig, is the bomb! 

I am a classical saxophonist (thank you, Dr. Cecil Leeson, George Wolfe, and EugeneDSC06507 (2) Rousseau).  I’ve never truly been interested in pop/jazz saxophone… until last night.  I do not wish to invest time into becoming a jazzer, but I want to hear Mike Bisig perform, more.  I’ve always respected and applauded Mike as an exceptionally super band director, but man, oh man!  

The guy rocks as a superb saxophonist in a genre I’ve never wanted to tackle, but have wholly supported, and encouraged as a teacher.  I am hoping he will be in a venue where my middle school and high school students can share in his incredible musicianship, and fun.

Yes, FUN!  

DSC06503All too often, musicians don’t seem to enjoy themselves when performing.  Passion.  They seem too wrapped up in wanting to sell their performance with technique rather than passion.  

Mr. Bisig, band director by day, belongs to three different bands on weekend nights:  

You can check out Mike Bisig in any of the following gigs:



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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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