MY DAY: Weekend haul of theatre

In a few hours, this weekend’s theatre-fest will be over.

And, what a heck of a weekend it has been!

Friday night, Jacob Nickel and Suzanne Grote joined me for Wright State University’s production, THE MAGIC FIRE.  The play, itself, did not grab me, and to be honest, I had difficulty following the script.

However, the directing, and the acting, were superb!  Lee Merrill is quickly becoming one of my favorite play directors, ranking high with personal favorites, Joe Deer and Greg Hellems.

This afternoon, Jack joined me, again, bringing with him, his father, Rob.  We saw Centerville High School’s production of Arthur Miller’s, ALL MY SONS.


And, this was their understudy cast’s performance.

My student, David Emery, who played Chris, tore up the stage.  Very impressive!  Two other castmates, Justin Mathews (Dr. Jim Bayless) and Ben Cobb (Joe Keller), also gave incredibly outstanding performers.  I would stack these three – from what I saw this afternoon – up on a stage with the Wright State actors who are an exceptional lot of performers.

Tonight, Jacob and I will dine at Marion’s Pizza, and then catch the 8:00 PM tour production, SISTER ACT.

I am excited to see SISTER ACT, as it will be a relief to laugh and enjoy singing and dancing after enjoying two very heavy dramas.  I am ready for this respite!

However, I don’t think I shall be as excited after witnessing such fine actors in educational settings.  Watch out, Theatre World, the Miami Valley will be sending you some fantastic young talent in the years to come!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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