MY DAY: PIP (01-15-2014)

Pups in Progress…

1601212_10153719436750074_527442526_nI don’t think Chief and I could be happier.  Naturally, the heartache of Navi’s absence is still great, but we are laughing, enjoying life, and keeping up with two energetic little gals.

The students, and their families, have been wonderful in their excitement, and support.  The parents seem almost more excited than the children when the puppies are out in the front room.

Potty training is still on a successful track.  “Sit” is fairly solid.  While continually working on “no chew” and “no jump” I do need to hit, “come.”  But, first things, first.

1524821_10153740355140074_1573743022_nSo far, the past two weeks, when returning from teaching at the middle school, I’ve returned after five hours away to find no potty-messes!  Triumph.  But, I do enter the house to a tumultuous greeting.

Tonight, after teaching, I ate some delicious potato soup made by a student’s mother, and watched the girls expanding their repertoire of playfulness.  Bailey was laying low, stalking Harrigan.  The girls run from one end of the house to the other, often sliding into walls, me, doors, etc..  It’s hilarious.

DSC04944And, the exploring is never ceasing.  They love investigating anything, and everything.

I am still in awe as to how quickly they’ve become MY dogs.  They are so devoted to me, and quite attached to me, and to Chief.  They feel secure, at home, and loved.  And, they received a ton of love from students, their families, and our family friends.

1530343_10153740714330074_1228492563_nAt night, the girls love snuggling next to me.  In fact, they often compete over who gets to be the closest to Dad.  Bailey often crawls up on my pillow, pressing her snout into my nose.  Most often, she falls asleep in this position, but soon moves to snuggle under my chin.

While I do love the puppiness, I am excited, and quite eager, for the more adult dog.  I loveDSC04942 being able to trust them a little more so that we can have more fun with some expectations in place.  However, when we get to the corner at the stoplight, or a street corner to cross, they know to sit, before I give the command, “Go.”

It’s almost time for our last potty-session for the evening, and then snuggling into bed.

I do feel blessed with my three little pals, and continue to love the four (Pokey, Logan, Flyer, Navi) who wait patiently at the Rainbow Bridge.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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