MY DAY: Grant Nature Park with Marcus & Maggie

8:30 AM Wednesday morning, Marcus & Maggie arrived for a fun adventure.  After allowing the dogs some indoor play-time, we loaded them into the van and aimed a few miles South to Grant Nature Park.

As we unloaded the dogs from the van, Navi bolted, followed by Chief.  My normally well-behaved dogs took off into the nature preserve.  Marcus, Maggie and I ventured onto a path and within minutes, Navi and Chief eagerly returned for leashing.

In the meadow, the beautiful open clearing surrounded by tall grass, woods, and two ponds, we allowed the dogs to run.  They always returned to check-in after a few minutes, but had the time of their lives.  Marcus and I both laughed, and enjoyed watching the three dogs romp around the meadow.

When we walk through the neighborhood, the dogs are usually the first to spy one another.  It has been neat to see Maggie grow, and become a close pal with Navi and Chief.

On the trails, the dogs enjoyed walking together.

At the creek, we allowed them off their leashes so they could play.  Again, the three were obedient about quickly returning. 

Finally, we arrived at one of my favorite locations: The Chimneys.  I took some photos of Marcus and Maggie.

At the creek, the dogs played in the water.  Navi, always the more skittish on of my dogs, was the one who romped right through the water.  Eventually, the more hesitant Chief and Maggie followed suit.

What a fun, fun morning.  Marcus and I both agreed that there was nothing better than hiking together with our kids, and watching them play.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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