MY DAY: The Joys of Life

On Facebook, folks are listing items for which they are grateful during this month of Thanksgiving.

While all the sons were living at home, I stressed the importance of finding something for which we should be grateful, each day. On their daily briefs, there was a place where they could each write something for which they were grateful. Sometimes, their focus was more amusing than serious, but they got the idea.

Each day, I note several blessings in my own life. The list could be endless, as I have been fortunate to know many wonderful blessings these past 49 years.

Today was one of those days that seemed to be heaped with blessings, large and small.

My day began by waking up Joshua for the morning walk with Navi and Chief, which ended with me finishing the walk alone since he felt like jogging.

While finishing up the walk, I ran into a dear friend, and her daughter/student – a nice morning surprise.

After feeding the dogs, Joshua and I breakfasted at the Golden Nugget pancake house in Kettering. For 90 minutes, we enjoyed our time together: feasting on delicious food, chatting about life, laughing until we had tears streaming down our cheeks, and greeting old friends.

And this was just the first 2 1/2 hours of my day.

After Joshua left for his return trip to Columbus, I busied myself with a variety of tasks around the house, followed by a 60 minute nap.

By late afternoon, I was on the road heading westward toward Indianapolis. For well over an hour, I chatted with mother on the telephone. And the great thing was – we were not cut off, for once!

Within minutes of arriving at Westfield high school, I was reunited with a dear college friend, Tim Seifker. Tim, an architect major and swimmer/diver for Ball State University, lived with me in the same honors college residence hall. Tim was always the nicest, kindhearted guy in college, and the past 25 years has not changed him one bit.

Tim and Lindy’s son, Mitchell, is Broadway bound. There’s no doubting this. For nearly a year, Tim and I have shared countless Facebook messages regarding Mitchell’s budding career. I am so impressed, and grateful for Tim and Lindy’s phenomenal support and dedication toward their son’s dream.

After I bid this beautiful family farewell, I drove to downtown Indianapolis. An unseasonably warm wind blew through the streets, accompanied by a gentle rain. The city was still alive at 11 PM. The marching band grand nationals were just wrapping up at Lucas Oil Stadium, while others were just out strolling around the Monument Circle.

As I strolled the familiar streets, snapping repetitive photographs of my favorite landmarks, I thought of how similarly blessed Mitchell and I have been.

Mitchell and I were both afforded loving, supportive, and exceptionally dedicated families. Raising a child who is bound for the performing arts is quite a task. The support I received at 16 years old was not unlike the support Mitchell now receives from his family.

What I find exciting is knowing one day, when Mitchell is 49 years old, he will still be blessed with the love and support of his family.

There are many monumental joys throughout life. However, there are countless simple joys that are often just as meaningful as the big ones.

Today, I was blessed to experience the big joys, and the simple joys.

Now that’s one hell of a lucky life.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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