MY DAY: Sunday comforts

My day did not begin until 8:15 AM, and I feel as though I wasted a good portion of it. Our walk was a little longer, and without incident: no unruly dogs owned by those who do not know how to control their pets (some walk unleashed dogs that run to mine!); no major squirrel or bunny traffic.

DSC08456Yesterday was quite eventful and fun, spent in the company of great friends.  I hit the Oakwood farmer’s market due to a prompt from one of my students’ parents (I thought herDSC08486 Awesome Yogurt store had a booth – darn! No booth!).  I seldom go through the main district of Oakwood, so took this opportunity to stop at Smith Gardens, one of my favorite haunts introduced to me by my neighbor, Kay, when we first moved here.  With camera in hand, I spent a good 45 minutes happily snapping away.

I ventured to downtown Dayton, and discovered some incredible paintings of well known works on boarded up windows. [see collection below] Impressive!  I traveled a bit through St. Anne’s Hill district before turning home at Noon.

1:00 PM I was at The Greene to have lunch and chat time with three dear friends: Erin Grote, Suzanne Grote and Aaron Jacobs.  I love this trio, and will miss Erin once she heads up to Interlochen in Michigan where she will complete her senior year of high school.

At 4:00 PM I ventured in to purchase a bottle of wine from a friend.  I am not very schooled in wine, or any spirits for that matter, and received a good education regarding the benefits of wine for general health, and diabetes.  Instead of a bottle, I left with a carton of four single serving bottles with different wines so I can sample to see what I might like most.

Before returning home, I made a stop at Awesome Yogurt and was surprised to see one of my students working!  Nice reunion since I’ve not seen her all summer.

The evening was quiet, and peaceful.

This morning, following our late walk and breakfast, I snapped green beans, chatted with Mother, worked on the Mary Lincoln musical, and putzed around the house with laundry and some basic cleaning to prepare for the start of the teaching week.  My vacation, mostly quiet days at home, has come to an end.  No more breaks until the Christmas holidays.

Now, the sun has risen to the point where I can barely make out the items on my lap top’s monitor.  Time to head inside and work a little more through the afternoon.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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