MY DAY: Slow motion

For some reason, this morning seems like it is on a slow motion setting. Generally, I seldom fumble for energy. In fact, I do have a good deal of energy yet there seems to be a slight battle with a sense of sluggishness that wants to creep in. Normally we are out the door by 6:45 AM for our morning walk. However, this morning I opted actually sleep in until 7:15 AM. Our walk did not start until 7:30 AM, and the entire time it just seemed as though the walk was taking forever.

The best part was running into my neighbor lady, Mary Lou Miller, and getting a hug from her right in the middle of Shroyer Road.

This morning, I am heading to Oakwood’s farmers market. A student’s parent who happens to own one of my favorite places in Kettering, Awesome Yogurt, has been talking about this particular event each Saturday morning.

At 1 PM, I will meet several of my favorite people for lunch at The Greene. Suzanne, Aaron and Erin are always such a fun trio. Miss Erin turns 18 years old tomorrow, and in a few weeks will be finishing her senior year, not at Yellow Springs high school, but at Interlochen. Despite being an incredible cellist, Erin’s primary interest is in film studies. I’m sure she will carve out an incredible niche in this arena, as she is one of the most impressive young ladies I’ve ever met in my life.

Other than that, it’s a rather quiet and solitary weekend.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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