MY DAY: A touching note from a former student…

Dear Darin,

I can see you are being swarmed with many beautiful condolences at the passing of Flyer. I hope I am not burdening you with more email but I wanted to send my love.

When I first met you in 1993 as a piano and voice student I was going through absolute hell in my life. My parents were going through their divorce and I felt like a bargaining chip in their battles over custodial rights. I was entering those awkward teenage years where I felt ugly, unloved, out of place, and not wanting to live on most days.

When I came to your house for lessons my world was always changed for 60 minutes. Flyer was my best friend during those years. Her kisses and affection made me feel beautiful and loved. When I came to your house I felt like I had a place where I belonged. You and Flyer always made me feel important and worthwhile. Many lessons you simply let me sit and cry without explaining why. I can remember Flyer always looking up, tilting her head and coming over to comfort me. How many times did I just sit on the floor crying and holding Flyer those first few years?

By high school life was back on track. After I graduated and went to your alma mater you never stopped writing me, showing your interest and supporting me. Even through grad school your notes and posts on Facebook made me laugh, cry, rejoice and celebrate life even more. Whenever I came to visit you and Flyer at The Haasienda I was always greeted with open arms and paws – and lots of kisses from Flyer. She never seemed to lose her interest in me nor her deep affection.  You trained her well. Flyer was your best friend, my best friend, and probably a best friend to everyone who knew her.

For the past two years I have been a dog owner. I never wanted a dog because I never cared for ours at home. You and Flyer changed all that. I got to witness the rich companionship and devotion the two of you shared and knew that I always wanted the same thing. Mine is wonderful but nothing like Flyer. But Flyer was my champion when I needed it most in life.

I am sitting here crying, sobbing at the loss of my wonderful furry friend. I know your heartache must be even greater. But just think how many lives the two of you touched, even turned around. Now you have the kids to do it with you.

Thank you for all you’ve meant to me these past ten years. And thank you, Flyer, for teaching me (like your dad) self-worth, how to love, and how to always believe in myself.

I love you Mr. Haas & Flyer!

___________ [name withheld]

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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