MY DAY: The Pines

Around 5:00am, Monday morning, Chief alerted me that something had changed with Flyer.  I was in one twin bed, and Chief and Navi were snuggled in the other.  Sure enough, Flyer’s breathing had changed.  I snuggled next to her, continually reminding her all was well, and that she was loved.  Chief laid his head on her hip, his eyes darting back and forth between Flyer and me.

At 6:15am, no more breaths were to come.  Through tear filled eyes, I tried to focus on the still body, wondering if more breaths would come.

They did not.

The music from my computer was playing, “Abide With Me,” one of my favorite hymns.

Navi, Chief and I gathered around Flyer before I nestled her in a large pink storage container.  We went on our morning walk, business as usual.

The Pines

The Pines

Shortly before 9:00am, I loaded Flyer into the van, and ventured south on St. Rt. 48 toward Lebanon, Ohio.  Bev Oesterlin, along with several others who responded to my Facebook request, insisted The Pines was a wonderful facility to coordinate cremation.  As I drove through the gates, I completely understood why Bev loved this place.  It was already filled with warmth.

As I stepped into the beautiful foyer, a lady came to greet me.  When I explained my dog had passed away, her eyes – truly mirrors to this woman’s soul – filled will tender sympathy as she reached out her hand to pat my arm.  She escorted me into a room where we filled out the paperwork, and then discussed Flyer for a few minutes.

I went to the van while she went for the golf cart.  I loaded the contained onto the cart,photo and patted the lid.  Instinctively, this gentle stranger reached out her arms to hug me, and assured me, “We’ll take good care of Flyer for you.”  The entire time she was driving away, her hand was on the container.

A tradition I established at The Haasienda twelve years ago: whenever our guests depart, all creatures, great and small, stand on the front porch until our family and/or friends are out of sight.  Flyer, always the dutiful hostess, was always at my side, sitting.  This morning, I stood watching until the golf cart, bearing the remains of my best girl, was no longer in sight.

The sad ending came to a beautiful, tender closure thanks to The Pines.  I will always highly recommend this wonderful facility.


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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1 Response to MY DAY: The Pines

  1. Amy Cloud says:

    Beautiful story … The Pines handled both our puppies and we were very pleased. Hugs!!

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