MY DAY: Preconceptions

I strive to steer clear of politics, religion and sex as topics to post or discuss.  All three are very personal, and have caused wars throughout history.

A dear friend of mine, Sue B., offered this incredible, thought-provoking post regarding Zimmerman & Martin.  Sue and I had shared a discussion earlier this week regarding the case, and we were both on the same wave-length. As Sue said last Tuesday, “There are only two people who actually know the truth of that horrible moment. One is dead and one is not.”

This is Sue’s Facebook post:

I wrote this as a response to an email from a good friend, and I thought I’d repost it here. It’s rather long, but it was hard for me to express my thoughts any more concisely:

I have seen many thought-provoking articles regarding Zimmerman and Martin. I have also seen a ten-minute video on this topic that is making the rounds on Facebook. This trial and all its implications have had a very polarizing effect on many people in our country.

But my problem with articles and videos on both sides of this issue is that they are always focusing on one side of the story, siding with either Zimmerman or Martin. Some of the items are inflammatory, others are well-reasoned. I am not one of those who is harping on the verdict in the case.

Many of these discussions include truths, half-truths, and errors. It is exhausting for people to check each reference, so many don’t bother to do so. I do, which generally results in my invoking the wrath of those who have repeated incorrect information.

Both Zimmerman and Martin had a history of violence. Both Zimmerman and Martin had friends and family that loved them. To portray one as good and the other as evil is pointless and inaccurate. I think this speaks to the larger issue of our suspicion and mistrust of our fellow man. Suspicion and mistrust lead to acts of violence such as this.

I have mentioned before that I have some students who would fit the profile of Martin. But they are human beings that have a good side, too. I’m just glad that I have had an opportunity to discern the best way to approach them so that I am treated with respect in return. America is becoming an increasingly violent nation, and I hope that somehow this whole tragedy will cause us to reflect on our preconceptions so that we can change that.”

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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