MY DAY: My best girl…

Flyer survived the night.

I rose at 3:30 AM to check on her, and remained up the rest of the night.  By 6:00 AM I was busy with odds and ends, more to keep busy than to accomplish anything.  By 10:00 AM I had cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, finished two loads of laundry, and a load of towels, watered plants in front and back, cleaned trash cans throughout the house, put away a load of dishes, folded towels, walked the dogs, fed the dogs, fed my self, and showered for the day.

Flyer is hanging on, but very gently at this point. She does respond by opening her eyes, but other than that, she sleeps.  I made a file on my Spotify music account to continuously play peaceful, comforting songs – all kinds of songs.  One particular song is, “My Best Girl” from the musical, MAME, by Jerry Herman.  I began singing this to Flyer years ago:

“You’re my best girl and nothing you do is wrong,
I’m proud you belong to me;
And if a day is rough for me,
Having you there’s enough for me.
And if someday another dog comes along,
It won’t take her long to see,
That I’ll still be found, just hanging around
My best girl.”

Mother should be arriving any moment, and Sue Branson will arrive around Noon.  Navi and Chief are aware something is going on, and seem very anxious.  Chief continues to keep watch over Flyer, and when he gets ready to go out back to potty, he stops to look at Flyer to see if she is coming.  What a sweetheart he is.

I’ve decided to not take any more photos of Flyer since she is beginning to appear gaunt under the eyes.  The old girl needs her dignity, too.

Thank you to the many, many kind and thoughtful  notes from so many of my family and friends.  They’ve been a blessing, and a comfort.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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